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When it comes to saving on Deft Research’s industry-leading insights, the early bird definitely gets the worm.

Pre-order our 2023 series of Medicare and Commercial Market syndicated reports before December 31, 2022, and enjoy up to $12,000 in discounts. Plus, you can receive additional discounts when you order services such as local market studies, product development research, and more.

How to Get the Early Bird Discount

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Our Research Report Calendar for 2023

This year, Deft Research is expanding its offerings of research reports and exploring new trends that are certain to impact the insurance industry. To see what our studies are focusing on in 2023, click on the reports below.

01/13/23 SMIS National MAPD/PDP Prescription Benefit Design Conjoint Study
01/17/23 CMIS Individual and Family Plan Benefit Design Conjoint Study
01/31/23 SMIS Medicare Shopping and Switching Study

Order by 2/15/23 LOCAL MARKET SMIS Medicare OEP and Disenrollment Prevention Study (PowerPoint deliverable 06/08/23)
02/28/23 CMIS Individual and Family Plan Shopping and Switching Study
PACKAGED MA Quarterly Plan Growth Tracker (end of February)

03/30/23 SMIS Dual Eligible Acquisition Study

PACKAGED Employee Group Insurance Study (after April 1st)
PACKAGED Medicare Market Assessment (Mid-April)
04/27/23 SMIS Medicare Open Enrollment Period and Disenrollment Prevention Study

05/31/23 SMIS Medicare Age-In Study
PACKAGED Medicare Duals Market Assessment (end of May)
PACKAGED MA Quarterly Plan Growth Tracker (end of May)

Order by 6/1/23 LOCAL MARKET SMIS AEP Gut Check Study (PowerPoint deliverable 09/07/23)
06/29/23 SMIS Dual Eligible Retention Study
PACKAGED Medicare Age-In Market Assessment (end of June)

07/31/23 SMIS Medicare AEP Gut Check Study

08/31/23 SMIS Medicare Digital Tools Study
PACKAGED MA Quarterly Plan Growth Tracker (end of August)

Order by 9/1/23 LOCAL MARKET SMIS Medicare Member Experience Study (Excel deliverable 11/28/23, PowerPoint deliverable 12/12/23)
09/28/23 CMIS Individual and Family Plan Digital Tools Study

Order by 10/1/23 LOCAL MARKET CMIS Individual and Family Plan Member Experience Study (PowerPoint deliverable 12/28/23 )
10/31/23 SMIS Medicare Member Experience and Engagement Study

11/30/23 CMIS Individual and Family Plan Member Experience Study
PACKAGED MA Quarterly Plan Growth Tracker (end of November)

About Our Market Insights Services

Our Senior Market Insights Service (SMIS) and Commercial Market Insights Service (CMIS) provide insurance carriers, agencies, consultants, and marketers with the information they need to improve their member acquisition and retention, product development, and quality ratings.

With our full suite of market research services, you can gain greater clarity into the senior and commercial markets to drive better business decisions. If you’d like to discuss what Deft Research can do for your business, just submit your contact information in the form below and we’ll reach out to you.