Individual and Family Plan Member Experience and Engagement Study

Publishes October 31, 2022 | Commercial Market

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The Individual and Family Plan Member Experience and Engagement Study examines trends in member satisfaction, retention, NPS, and loyalty by identifying how plan communications, customer service, and access to care drive these key performance measures. It also looks at how recent legislation and other factors influence the IFP market.

How the 2022 Study Helped Clients

In a year of unprecedented market churn, insurance companies seeking to assure the satisfaction and retention of their IFP customers needed to understand the market forces spurring so many consumers to seek new health plans.

To uncover these dynamics, this report provided an analysis of 1,947 consumers’ survey responses.  These responses reveal the details of:

  • Health plan benefits that create and destroy member loyalty
  • The importance of Brand Equity to mobilized consumers
  • The experience of members with respect to the cost-sharing requirements of their plans
  • The experience of members when trying to understand and use their benefits
  • The experience of members when seeking care
  • The experience of members when contacting customer service