Qualitative Services

For nearly 20 years, Deft Research has been a leading source for insights into the attitudes, opinions, and behaviors of decision makers in the health insurance market, including consumers, agents and brokers, and plan stakeholders. With our full suite of syndicated and custom research services, we help our clients obtain the clarity they need to drive better business decisions.

At Deft, we’ve always valued the role of qualitative research in bringing additional depth and breadth to our research — which is why we’ve expanded our offerings to include in-house qualitative research services. With Rob Iles as our Vice President of Qualitative Services, we’re continuing to build on that foundation. Meet Rob

List of Qualitative Services

Choose from a variety of qualitative research services to inform your planning and decisions, including:

Focus Groups

We offer a range of strategic and tactical areas where qualitative research can be deployed, including:

  • General Member Exploratory or Strategic Development
  • Competing Plan Member Exploratory (Competitive Intelligence)
  • Lapsed Member Exploratory
  • Marketing Communications Development, Evaluation & Refinement
  • Product/Benefit Development, Evaluation & Refinement
  • CAHPS Comprehension and Interpretation
  • App or Web Usability
  • Medicare or Medicaid Enrollees
  • Dual Eligibles
  • SNP Target Segments

In-Depth Interview (IDI)

Uncover rich, detailed insights and explore individual viewpoints in depth. With this approach, a trained interviewer engages with a participant one-on-one to deeply probe their thoughts, experiences, and perspectives on a particular topic.

Member Shop-alongs/Experience

Get deep insights into consumer preferences, attitudes, and shopping habits in naturalistic settings — and gain valuable context to understand consumer behavior and the factors impacting overall Member experience. In member shop-alongs/experience, a researcher will accompany participants as they engage in their usual shopping activities to observe their behaviors, decision-making processes, and interactions with products and environments.

Plan Member Advisory Panels (MAPs)

Obtain insights and recommendations on a topic or project from a group of experts or stakeholders. For twelve months, Plan MAPs keep a finger on the pulse of members’ lives via regular check-ins. The approach helps plans to be more nimble by understanding members’ evolving needs, priorities, healthcare and insurance challenges. A moderator will facilitate discussions, ensure equitable participation, and help steer the conversation towards actionable outcomes to help inform your decision-making processes.

Brainstorming Sessions

Generate ideas, insights, and solutions through open and spontaneous discussion group discussion, often guided by a facilitator. This collaborative approach will allow you to explore diverse perspectives and encourage creative thinking, making it a valuable approach for problem-solving and idea generation in qualitative research.