AEP Gut Check Study

Publishes July 31, 2023 | Senior Market

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There’s a lot of planning that goes into AEP preparation during the winter and spring months, but it’s not enough if marketers and sales managers don’t “take the temperature” of seniors before executing their AEP strategy. Our AEP Gut Check Study allows them to do just that by acting as a “Pre-AEP” report for the 2024 benefit year. We assess seniors’ pain points, service failures, and their experience of buyer’s remorse during the summer months. We also re-sample seniors who participated in our “Post-AEP” Medicare Shopping and Switching Study earlier in the year. Doing so helps us evaluate how well last fall’s preferred products actually performed. Knowing what seniors are seeking to improve with their Medicare coverage allows marketers and sales professionals to connect with seniors — and improves their approach during the fall selling period.

This is a supplemental study to the Medicare Shopping and Switching Study.


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