AEP Gut Check Study

Publishes July 16, 2024 | Senior Market

There’s a lot of planning that goes into AEP preparation during the winter and spring months, but it’s not enough if marketers and sales managers don’t “take the temperature” of seniors before executing their AEP strategy. Our AEP Gut Check Study allows them to do just that by acting as a “Pre-AEP” report for the 2025 benefit year. We assess seniors’ pain points, service failures, and their experience of buyer’s remorse during the summer months. Knowing what seniors are seeking to improve with their Medicare coverage allows marketers and sales professionals to connect with seniors — and improves their approach during the fall selling period.

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Add on a local study – With a larger sample of seniors in a local market, the report illuminates unique characteristics of members in the area and how they deviate from the national data. This helps plan managers analyze results or tailor campaigns to the specific nuances of their local markets. This study is generally completed four to six weeks after the corresponding national study. Contact your Deft Research Client Services associate to assess the sample feasibility in your area.


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5-Minute Take: 2022 AEP Gut Check Study

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