Individual and Family Plan Shopping and Switching Study

Publishes February 29, 2024 | Commercial Market

Greater competition in the ACA market means that consumers are no longer stuck with just a few carriers that participate. The average state has at least six carriers now, so all on-exchange participants must focus on retention more than ever. This study will identify the experiences that either inflate or depress loyalty so that carriers can better hold onto ACA members.


Add on a local study – With a larger sample of consumers in a local market, the report illuminates unique characteristics of members in your area and how they deviate from the national data. This helps plan managers analyze results or tailor campaigns to the specific nuances of their local markets. This study is generally completed four to six weeks after the corresponding national study. Contact your Deft Research Client Services associate to assess the sample feasibility in your area.

This study is part of our Commercial Market Insights Service.

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