Medicare Age-In Study

Publishes May 31, 2024 | Senior Market

Employer Group Retiree plans are on the decline. Plus, recent AEP switching has generally hovered at 12% or less. As a result, it’s become more important than ever to engage consumers at or around age 65 who are transitioning from Commercial to Medicare coverage. Our Medicare Age-In Study helps industry insiders understand the ideal cadence of touchpoints, messaging themes, and enrollment preferences that today’s Boomer seeks when considering Medicare Supplemental or Medicare Advantage coverage for the first time.


Obtain Deft’s Medicare Market Assessment for your service area and understand and understand at the county, state, or national level where the greatest growth in Age-Ins is projected over the next five years, and what product types they may be most interested in.

Watch a Segment of the 2023 Presentation

5-Minute Take: 2023 Medicare Age-In Study

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