Medicare Market Assessments

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To understand the Total Available Market for your Medicare products, you must first understand the proportion of consumers who are truly “in play” across the entire spectrum of Medicare products. Our market assessments illuminate these opportunities using both mapping technology and raw data to model the complete MA, MAO, PDP, OMO, TriCare, Group Retiree, and MedSupp totals down to the county level. The result is a detailed assessment that empowers marketers and strategic planners to properly invest in sales efforts today — and look for areas where they can expand tomorrow.


Our Medicare Market Assessments examine three distinct markets:

  • General Medicare Market (includes Duals and Age-Ins)
  • Duals Market
  • Age-In Market

Assessments are available individually or can be bundled in a set of two or three. Our 2024 Assessments will be provided online on our digital platform, making company-wide usage and application a reality.

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Medicare Market and Age-In Assessment

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