Medicare OEP and Disenrollment Prevention Study

Publishes April 30, 2024 | Senior Market

This is a supplemental study to the Medicare Shopping and Switching Study. Quality enrollment and tenure are more important to carrier financial performance than ever before. In this study, we help all industry stakeholders better understand the touchpoints and events that will provide the best chances for driving enduring membership.


Add on a local study – With a larger sample of seniors in a local market, the report illuminates unique characteristics of members in the area and how they deviate from the national data. This helps plan managers analyze results or tailor campaigns to the specific nuances of their local markets. This study is generally completed four to six weeks after the corresponding national study. Contact your Deft Research Client Services associate to assess the sample feasibility in your area.

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5-Minute Take: Medicare OEP and Disenrollment Prevention Study

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