SMIS Local Market Oversample Studies

Upon request | Local Market Oversamples

Zoom In on a Local Market

Local market versions of our national studies provide an analysis tailored to your needs by surveying the general population in a local market. These studies are generally completed four to six weeks after the corresponding national studies and can be delivered either as PowerPoint reports or Excel tables.

Some markets may not be available for a local market oversample. Please contact your Deft Research associate before placing a local market order to assess the sample feasibility.

Medicare Shopping and Switching Study

Available as PowerPoint or Excel

With a larger sample of seniors in a local market, the report illuminates unique characteristics of members in the area and how they deviate from the national data. This helps plan managers analyze results or tailor campaigns to the specific nuances of their local markets.

Medicare OEP and Disenrollment Prevention Study

Available as PowerPoint

It’s one thing to understand which retention efforts are proving successful nationally. But learning if any local efforts can drive persistency longer? That’s another story. That’s why we’re offering a local market oversample version of our Medicare OEP and Disenrollment Prevention Study study for 2023.

AEP Gut Check Study

Available as PowerPoint

In just its first three years, our national version of the Medicare AEP Gut Check Study has become an industry favorite. This year we’re offering a localized version so you can better understand how service area prospects may behave in the AEP.

Medicare Member Experience Study

Available as PowerPoint or Excel

Using data from a larger sample of seniors in the service area, this report highlights the unique factors that influence CAHPS and other KPIs. The results may highlight the need to create customized engagement and outreach priorities and develop competitive programs.