Dual Eligible Retention Study

Publishes August 8, 2024 | Senior Market

The growth explosion in the D-SNP space is tempered only by the frustration associated with members who can (and do) switch throughout the course of the year. Holding onto these members is more challenging than maintaining those outside of the Dual Eligible space. In this second edition of our Dual Eligible Retention Study, we will chronicle the experiences that provide the best chances for long-term membership. We will also examine the services and benefits correlated with consumers who face detrimental Social Determinants of Health (SDoH).


Obtain Deft’s Medicare Market Assessment for your service area and understand at the county, state, or national level where the Medicare-Medicaid population is growing the fastest so you can best serve this growing segment.

Watch a Segment of the 2023 Presentation

5-Minute Take: 2023 Dual Eligible Retention Study

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