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Our Research Report Calendar for 2024

This year, Deft Research is expanding its offerings of research reports and exploring new trends that are certain to impact the insurance industry. To see what our Senior Market Insights Service (SMIS) and Commercial Market Insights Service (CMIS) studies are focusing on in 2024, click on the links below.

1/15/24 SMIS National Dental Benefit Design Conjoint Study
1/15/24 SMIS National Dual Eligible Benefit Design Conjoint Study
1/31/24 SMIS Medicare Shopping and Switching Study
1/31/24 SMIS Medicare Part D Addendum Study

2/29/24 CMIS Individual and Family Plan Shopping and Switching Study

3/29/24 SMIS Dual Eligible Acquisition Study

4/30/24 SMIS Medicare OEP and Disenrollment Prevention Study

5/31/24 SMIS Medicare Age-In Study

6/28/24 CMIS Commercial Group and ICHRA Study

7/16/24 SMIS AEP Gut Check Study

8/8/24 SMIS Dual Eligible Retention Study
8/30/24 SMIS Medicare Digital Tools Study

9/30/24 CMIS Individual and Family Plan Digital Tools Study

10/31/24 SMIS Medicare Member Experience Study

11/29/24 CMIS Individual and Family Plan Member Experience Study